sâmbătă, 9 iulie 2016

A good real estate software is that it can conquer

There have been isolated cases where, among the requirements to be fulfilled by a real estate software competitive beneficiaries of such products were listed among others, the need for one paramount : ease of use!

The more the housing market, characterized by a dynamic continues , a soft real estate exceed the function of a simple program offers management and clients, playing rather the role of a true management tool, the interface between supply and demand on the one hand and between agents and the company's management on the other hand.

A good real estate software helps you to :

1. It will help you save money;
2. Cumulative manage customers coming into your company ( bidders and applicants) and performs a statistical sources that they have learned so your advertising effectiveness are exactly performed;
3. Monitors dynamic company ...
- Monitors any changes made in the database, retaining user name and time of each change .
- Monitor detailed activity of each agent, both in appearance and in the administrative professional .
- Monitor activity in detail to each client in connection with your company

This way you know your staff efficiency and customer needs .

- It will provide quick access to any information search engine database after any entry ;
- automatically finds relevant offers an application and vice versa;
- exporting tabular information ( user set ) in Excel or WEB ;
- generate custom prints for each agency individually;
- It will provide a professional level of information security and multi-departmental use ; secure access rights to the database for each user. The programmed includes over 25 types of rights for each user. You are able to manage information in real time on-line.

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